Called to the Bar:





    • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice – College of Law
    • Diploma in Law – Legal Practitioners Admission Board
    • Associate Diploma in Community Studies (Police & Corrections) – University of Western Sydney
    • Bachelor of Policing (Investigations) – Charles Sturt University
    • Certification in Mediation – Bond University

About Mark Brady

Mark was admitted as a Barrister at Law in 2005 to the New South Wales Private Bar in Newcastle, and brings over 19 years of dedicated practice experience to Sir James Dowling Chambers.

Mark’s professional focus spans Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Crime, and Domestic Violence, reflecting a diverse and comprehensive expertise in these areas.

Beyond his legal qualifications, Mark holds certifications as a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and NMAS Accredited Mediator. Mark’s commitment to mediation is at the forefront of his practice. With a distinct blend of law enforcement acumen and legal proficiency, Mark navigates the complexities of conflict resolution with a goal to secure swift, straightforward, and cost-effective outcomes for individuals, groups, or organizations embroiled in disputes.

Mark’s distinct combination of legal prowess, mediation expertise, and a profound commitment to securing favourable resolutions embodies Mark’s reputation for achieving results and providing steadfast support to clients.

Contact Details

0401 212 774